Green skills are known in Samskrt as ‘Vyavasāya Pratibha’.

Diligent Indians !!

Let’s take down some facts-

1) During the 3rd century BC, Megasthenes visited India when he wrote down in his memoirs, saying , “this subcontinent is self-sufficient! The whole country is under tank based irrigation and is very prosperous because of the double harvests which they reap every year!

2) late Dr. Richharia discovered that there are 200,000 varieties of rice crops in India.

3) Now, read this! India has 2% of the world’s land, 16% of the world’s population  and 68% of livestock population!

Typical Vijayanagara style of water-tanks!

Want to read on this?

Apropos article on this topic  –

[Strictly for learning purpose only. This link does not relate to Bharat’s Verities, source: Internet]

This is the way ancient Indians lived. We thrived positivity! This made the whole world captivated towards us!

Source: Eternally Talented India, Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence.

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